Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mine Was Hot, How About Yours?

Posted by makcik rehan KJB at 9:52 PM
Am talking about the weather.
The 'real' weather... and also 'my weather'
Both were sizzling hot!

Was not happy with the past few days,
everything is messy, serba tak kena.
Situations were as predicted, but i was hoping that it won't turn out this bad.

Comforting myself by saying,
takper... tengah adjust dengan routine baru... gonna be better - sooner.
Sooner ya. hopefully 'soon' aku tu tak ambik masa sampai 2,3 bulan.
I need to 'recover' fast. The kids need me, and the business also.

Husband, if you reading this...
show some mercy, bear with me - getting through this phase successfully.

On the other notes,
Despite the heating weather, we dropped by at Taman Metropolitan Kepong for a short outdoor session with the kids. Unplanned, singgah sekejap on our way back from KL petang tadi.

Mama kata : Tanggal slipar kakakkk!

Aisyah jawab : Takper Mamaaaa.... Aisyah bolehhhh....

Ha kau! Sampai terkuak kangkang lagutu. Sampai sudah tak dapat panjat ~LOL~

Ko usha skirt anak dara orang ke Dik??? Muahahahaha...

Jom balikkkk... dehydrated dah ni!